Our Team

A compassionate group of souls united by their love to teach

Anabel Miranda

Founder & Program Director

Anabel’s story begins with her roots, ever-present in the history of her soul’s journey and heartful deepening into yoga – her guiding light toward authentic being, her greatest gift to the world. Panamanian-born with a unique blend of Chinese and Ngobe indigenous heritage, it wasn’t until she left her country to pursue a degree in Environmental Engineering in Florida, that Anabel would find her true home, unexpectedly, in yoga. That was over ten years ago, when Vinyasa Yoga was Anabel’s first real exposure to the practice of yoga asana, reminiscent of her early experience with eastern traditions of meditation as part of her martial arts training as a teenager. In 2007, on a trip to New York, upon the recommendation of a friend, Anabel took a class from Sri Dharma Mittra at his studio in Manhattan. And as she lay there in savasana, she knew her life would be forever changed.

Sri Dharma instilled a spark in Anabel’s heart that grows with each passing day, and two years after her first savasana in his studio, she flew to Barcelona to be trained as a yoga instructor by her beloved teacher. In that moment in Manhattan, in savasana with her teacher, Anabel was home. Diving deep into the sacred yoga scriptures, Anabel took her practice beyond asanas (postures), and discovered the power of meditation and pranayama (breath work), igniting her path of self-transformation toward embodied authenticity, personal growth, compassion and nourishment – the core elements of Anabel’s ever-evolving yoga philosophy. Returning to the country of her roots, Anabel offered free classes in Panama City before moving to Bocas del Toro, a vibrant multi-cultural archipelago on Panama’s Caribbean coast.

Since the start of her career as a yoga teacher in 2005, Anabel’s style has evolved from a very physical Ashtanga practice to a deeply intuitive and spiritual one. Maintaining a dynamic and playful approach to asana, mantra, pranayama and meditation, emphasizing intention, divine connection and yoga as an offering to the Supreme Being within each of us. With her a vital passion for life and innate ability to connect deeply with those around her, Anabel’s yoga touches the heart and soul of those seeking deep connection to Source, and true evolution into our highest selves, always in love, joy and kindness. It's her medium for embracing the unique aspects of identity, sense of self, and lived experience that have come to define her teaching. Yoga has allowed her to access the depths of her own vulnerability and insecurities, healing through the places that once held heavy wounds, and embracing the light of her truest self in every expression of her yoga.

Anabel’s yoga journey led her to an advanced training in Thailand last year with Jivani Yoga, where soul-level spiritual work allowed her to confront her own fears, transforming trauma into trust through self-love and healing. The lesson she carries with her in her teaching and practice, is that it’s okay to be ourselves; it’s okay to be different. In fact, our differences, once we learn to love them, are actually our greatest strengths. By embracing the strength of her own difference, Anabel’s true self shines through in her classes as an eclectic offering unlike any other. Making her yoga experience truly one-of-a-kind. Aligning with her Chinese heritage, Anabel is certified in Bio-Energy, Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.

Today, she resides in Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica, where her love of the sea has led her into the sport and lifestyle of body-boarding as a beautiful complement to yoga and healthy living. Anabel teaches daily yoga classes at local resorts, private homes and yoga studios, and as an enthusiastic vegan loves to share recipes of vibrant food in her blog. Known for teaching a spontaneous, unique blend of styles from across the yoga spectrum mixed with Tai Chi, Anabel’s unabashed connection to the roots of her most authentic self challenges us to come into our own deepest expressions of being, as she holds the sacred space for us to open our hearts, dive into our soul’s integrity, and live true to our fullest potential – yoga, her gift to us all.


Kadri Kurgun

Meditation & Partner Practices

An internationally renowned teacher and guide of Yoga, AcroYoga, & Meditation, whose infectious smile can be felt the moment he enters the room. As a meditation practitioner for over 30 years, he brings presence, compassion, and tender lightheartedness to everything he does. He helps people release the self-doubt, fear, unworthiness and shame intrinsic to the human condition, and re-connects them to their childlike, playful nature and sense of belonging. Through retreats, workshops, festivals, and private healing sessions, he has touched the lives and hearts of thousands of people around the world. His students call his positive energy “awe inspiring,” and that his courageous heart encourages them to “love in a big way, to be vulnerable, and to be powerful.” He is in the process of unfolding to the ground in the groundlessness of life. Kadri is currently touring around the world leading retreats & workshops. When he isn’t teaching, you can find him behind the lens of a camera, hugging somebody, or on his surfboard.<br /> As a yoga teacher, his training includes certifications as a Level 2 AcroYoga Teacher. As a bodyworker, he is influenced by his exposure to Structural Integration, Polarity, Cranio-sacral, energy work, and Thai massage. His meditation practice is in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, and he is blessed to have studied with many wise and gifted teachers including His Holiness the Dalai Lama.


Mike Textor

Anatomy & Physiology

Mike Textor D.C. has been in practice since 1995, originally licensed from California, and has spent the last 10 years here in Costa Rica where he has received a licenciatura from the University of Costa Rica. Mike specializes in a treatment approach known as soft tissue mobilization, which through active movements helps to restore normal resting length of chronically shortened soft tissue (ie. tissue other than bone: muscle, tendon, connective tissue, etc.). This process can dramatically improve range of motion and reduce chronic pain. In addition, Mike utilizes diversified chiropractic manipulation, if indicated, to further restore mobility. Now as a part of the Yoga Revolution Academy program, he will be leading the trainees into basic anatomy knowledge needed to safely offer yoga and movement classes, embodied anatomy, structural knowledge of major joints, and much more. Mike has also previously been a member of the medical staff for the association of surfing professionals (ASP), the association of volleyball professionals (AVP), Long Beach Ice Dogs (IHL hockey), as well as the Ballet Pacifica in southern California. In addition to post graduate training in sports medicine, Mike has extensive experience working with athletes and those with chronic pain.


Jessica Kruse


Jessica Kruse is a Canadian Ayurveda Practitioner, Remedial Massage Therapist, E-RYT 200 and YACEP (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider) who has studied across the globe. Jessica specializes in Ayurvedic pulse reading, diet and lifestyle consultations & counselling, Ayurveda cuisine, Ayurveda Yoga Therapy, Turiya Therapy (Marma Chikitsa), Clinical and Ayurveda Massage. While becoming an Ayurveda Practitioner; Jessica received specializations in diet and lifestyle counselling, Ayurveda cuisine, pulse reading, Abhyanga, Turiya, Marma and Yoga Therapy, Panchakarma and providing herbal recommendations. During her studies in BC, Canada, she was fortunate to study one on one, with teacher, Jaisri M. Lambert; a twelve year apprentice of Dr. Vasant Lad. Jessica later extensively studied ‘Ayurvedic Cooking for Self Healing’ with Dr. Lad in New Mexico and ‘Gurukula Advanced Clinical Studies Program’ in his homeland of Pune, India. Jessica holds a diploma of Remedial Massage Therapy 2200 hours and a SATTVA Yoga Teacher. With respect she offers her deepest gratitude to her teacher of Ayurveda, Vaidya Vasant Lad for guiding her on this path to fulfill her dharma of helping people become well; physically, emotionally and spiritually; by integrating Ayurveda into various healing modalities.