The Curriculum

Learn, grow and experience yourself transform

We believe the Heart of Yoga is to grow as an individual, to live more fully through your own integrity, and love yourself unconditionally by unifying mind, body and spirit. Through our teacher training program, feel yourself vitally connected to your guiding light, to the inspiration of the natural world around you, and to the beautiful souls you meet along the way. Explore your spiritual essence, awaken into the profound energy within you, and open into your deepest expression of Self, embodying your fullest authenticity through yoga as your greatest gift to the world.

Start the Journey

Techniques, Training & Methodology...

Yoga Revolution Sequence

Learning the Mindful and Spacious Vinyasa Yoga sequence designed by Anabel Miranda. It includes a setting of an intention at the beginning of the practice, pranayama, modified sun salutations, standing postures, seated postures, twists, hip openers and inversions. The practice moves at a soft pace with a strong energetic flow, with influences of Chinese Medicine, Tai Chi and Chi Qung

Asanas, Basics and more

Exploration of asanas and modifications to best benefit the practitioner, including the use of props

Pranayama – Bandha – Kriya

A strong emphasis in the Mindfulness of the breath, the breath movement IS the body movement

The Theory behind the Practice

Understand key components of Vinyasa, Kundalini, Restorative and applying them to practicums


Introduction to stillness, Loving Kindness and Concentration. Structure of a Dharma Talk

Develop an eye for alignment

Mastering how to make verbal cues and safe and smart hands-on adjustments

Hands on and Energetic Assists

Working with energetic quality of the classroom

Standing as a Teacher

Holding a safe place for your students

Learning the Art of Sequencing

Learn how to sequence a mindful and balanced practice

Develop your own teaching style

A unique offering from each individual

Anatomy and Physiology...

Study physical, subtle anatomy, physiology of the body systems

Study of Anatomy

Focusing on the spine, shoulder and hip joints

Work with injuries & injury prevention

Learn how to work with injuries, chronic pain, and many health conditions

Introduction to energetic channels

Chakras and meridians

Experience yoga’s benefits and healing energies.

Yoga Philosophy & Lifestyle...

Learning about the history of Yoga:

Foundations, The 8 Limb Path, Types of Yoga

Ethics for Yoga teachers

Mindful Eating and Ayurveda

Dietary Considerations for Self Healing

Being a Yoga Professional...

Compassionate Communication and Authenticity

Understand professional ethics and the business of yoga

Business of yoga

Develop your brand, engage with social media and develop a successful marketing platform. Supporting you in finding your unique niche among the diverse international yoga community

Practice Teaching...

Learn by doing

Teach a variety of mini-classes throughout the training with constructive feedback from your peers

Trainee observe and offer assistance in a class setting