Awaken Your Spirit. Strengthen Your Soul.

Awaken your spirit. Strengthen your soul.

Relax, unwind and reconnect with yourself as the ultimate gesture of self love. Experience the transformation in one of two beautiful locations through a series of energising yoga classes, that will reawaken your body, mind and spirit. Discover your inner potential through a loving but strengthening yoga practice, that will help you reconnect with your innate power. Allowing you to continue your journey in life feeling invigorated, alive and strong.

Upcoming Retreats...

Costa Rica

March 26 - 31, 2017

Join us at Indigo Yoga Resort in Santa Teresa for relaxing yoga classes, exotic tropical vegetarian food and breathtaking beaches.

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To be announced...

Join us at Casa Synergy in Palma de Mallorca for energizing yoga classes, delicious vegetarian food and mind-blowing sunsets.

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